I think I love movies again!





By nature, I am the sweet , reserved and sometimes shy girl but deep down when I fall in love with anything. I LOVE IT!! I mean LOVEEE IT. At the moment, I find myself falling head over heels with movies again.

My love affair with movies began when I was 14 years old. It was a Sunday and I think sometime in November. My brother and I, were supposed to go to church but we woke up too late. Back in those days because it was 2004, M-Net always had a Sunday brunch film. That day it was Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can. I had watched it before and it did not hit me like it did that day. I will say that’s when I fell in love with film and Leonardo DiCaprio. Something about Catch Me If You Can excited me and enthralled me. I thought it was so damn refreshing and loved that it was based in the ‘60s. I am a sucker for period pieces.




As I got older, there were many films that I loved but never quite hit me. Last year, I found myself getting so tired of Hollywood and their damn sequels, reboots and horrendous comic films. I wanted to watch something new and refreshing. I think I needed something new and refreshing. I am obviously aware of the politics and business of Hollywood but it was getting in the way of the creative and new stories. What was also upsetting me was Hollywood’s obsession with nostalgia!! They really did not need to make a Ghostbusters. Hey but that’s just my opinion!!!

Then suddenly something changed. At the beginning of the year I watched Moonlight and I was stunned at what a beautiful and gorgeous film it was. I was amazed at how everything came together with the score, editing, acting, directing and writing. I could not stop thinking about it and how refreshing and pure it was. Sometimes the purity of the film does not come out but with Moonlight that was loud and clear. I was even more surprised when it won the Academy Award for Best Picture. I really thought LaLa Land was going to and that would have been a damn shame!

Moonlight awakened this love of film that I feel like had shut down because with age I had become so cynical. I hate to admit that but that’s true. I found myself excited to watch film and even inspired by what was being produced. Hidden Figures was also another unexpected surprise. I loved its feel good energy and it was so damn inspirational. I was happy that it was so successful. I feel like it was a story that definitely needed to be told.

I even found myself watching films that, in hate for film making, I had overlooked as such masterpieces such as 2015’s Spotlight. Spotlight was a film that was unique in my opinion because we do not have films ,as far as I know, that are investigative like Spotlight. It is a hard topic but so important and so well done. It reminds me of when I watched the John Grisham movies of the ‘90s like A Time to Kill and The Rainmaker. My new found love of film even took me down a lane that I was all too familiar with ROMANTIC COMEDIES!!! I had actually forgotten that romcoms aren’t made as much as they used to and I actually miss them! I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of their message at times but as a single 20-something they can be useful in navigating dating. I was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining and a little thought provoking How to Be Single was. I had the film on my laptop for over a year but judged it because I really don’t like Rebel Wilson. I am one of those people who cannot watch movies with actors or characters I do not like. It’s weird but that is one of my quirks. I could not watch The Hobbit series because I despise Gandalf. I really do!!!




2017 has surprised me because it has been a solid movie year and the diversity and representation has been top notch. A very notable mention is Jordan Peele’s Get Out . I watched it a couple of weeks ago and my mind was blown. I mean what a “clever mind fuck”. After I was done watching it I wanted to watch it again because I wanted to understand all the nuances. Yes I am one of those people who says nuance. What I particularly loved about it was it was a fresh way of showing race relations and that is what blew my mind. As a Black person it is extremely refreshing to see race relations shown in a clever way like Get Out.

Lastly, what has made me fall head over heels in love with movies again is Wonder Woman. I watched it yesterday and I loved everything about it. As someone who has watched way too many comic book movies this one is the best I have watched with Spiderman 1 (with Tobey Maguire) and X-Men: First Class. Wonder Woman is higher on my list simply because I am a woman. In all my 27 years of existence I have never seen a super heroine that is not a stereotype and is vulnerable, kind and badass all at one. I was so freaking pumped especially the scene where she fights in “no man’s land”. Yassss, it was amazing. I wish I could watch Wonder Woman every day because that was a masterpiece. It was empowering, inspirational, heart-warming, optimistic and just so authentic.  I FUCKING LOVED IT!!!

Wonder woman
Wonder Woman

My actual lastly, is the magic that is Black Panther and I know it’s just a teaser trailer but it was epic and the visuals were absolutely gorgeous. I have never been so excited about a film over a trailer before. I did marketing and I know trailers can sell you dreams. The crazy thing I never thought in my wildest dreams I would ever see a film about a Black superhero who is also a leader of a nation. Black Panther was my favourite in Captain America: Civil War, but when I found out he has an all-female security detail I was in. Black Panther had me at hello but the teaser trailer sealed the deal. I am so excited to watch it February 2018. I AM IN!!!

I am so excited to see what Hollywood has in store with the risks it is taking with making films like Moonlight, Get Out , Wonder Woman and Black Panther. The creativity of these films is why I fell in love with films and is the reason why I am falling in love with films again.


Erik Killmonger


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