China through the Looking Glass: 2015 Met Gala Review

China through the Looking Glass was an awesome theme that gave people a lot of room to do something inventive and fun. In typical Met Gala fashion not many celebrities and fashion designers even bothered to dress to theme and I think this was a missed opportunity.

I applaud Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Kardashian West (to a point), Justin Bieber, Zendaya Coleman, Anna Hathaway and Michael B Jordan for pitching up. What is the point of having a theme if no one is going to dress to the theme.

Rihanna was the best dressed because she thought about her look, wore a Chinese designer and looked great. I know the dress got a lot attention and memes which were pretty funny but you have respect her confidence, fearlessness and innovation for dressing that way. I thought she looked fantastic and I am very biased. It is no secret that I LOVE  Rihanna.

images (2)

Kim Kardashian West is an anomaly to me she  is so hard to read. One minute I thoroughly dislike her then next minute I totally love and respect her. I do think she is a good wife and mother but something is off about her. However, one thing I know about Kim that in my opinion she cannot not dress especially since she started dating Kanye. I feel like her fashion sense lacks a great deal of personality and she is not as edgy as she tries to be. I can admit there are times when she has looked fantastic. This Monday Kim looked flawless. The Roberto Cavalli dress, the make up and hair were amazing. This is the best she has ever looked. Kim looked elegant, demure and effortless which is rare. The Kardashians that do effortless well is Kourtney and Kendall the others try too hard.


I had heard that Beyonce was coming and I was surprised when she had not done the red carpet. Little did I know that she came late and gave us a performance of note. I think she looked fantastic it was fun, flirty and confident. I know some felt that she looked trashy and reeked of desperation ( I do agree there).  Her hair looked fantastic. I want to do that one day. I absolutely loved it. The hair and shoes were the best part of the outfit.

images (1)

Dakota Johnson looked AMAZING. I loved her Chanel dress and it really had nothing to do with theme but I would wear it. It was just sexy and fun. I love her confidence. Kendall Jenner looked great. I liked her dress and hair. Anne Hathaway looked fabulous and I liked how different it was. I am on the fence about Selena Gomez Vera Wang but I really do like her. Kate Hudson looked fantastic in that gold dress but I was more interested inK her date, Michael Kors. Zendaya Coleman looked amazing as usual and stuck to the theme.

1430787134456 metgala2015-514-jumbo images (3) images (4) images

The guys were all in tuxedos but Justin Bieber in Balmain and Michael B Jordan in Dolce & Gabbana  looked elegant, fun and suave. I appreciated that Justin stuck to the theme with his Balmain tuxedo. I salute Olivier Rousteing for such an amazing and innovative design.

justin-bieber-met-gala-2015-05 Michael-B-Jordan-Dolce-Gabbana-Met-Gala-2015-Picture

My worst dressed was Kris Jenner, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. Kris Jenner was just overdressed and those earring really needed to go.I don’t know what is going with Katy Perry this year because her fashion sense has been a lot to be desired.

metgala2015-424-jumbo Miley-Cyrus-2015-Met-Gala-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Alexander-Wang-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO-4 Katy-Perry-2015-Met-Gala-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Moschino-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO-4

This year Met Gala a lot people were safe in their choices but Rihanna and Beyonce really gave us something to think about. I appreciate the risks they took. I love Rihanna and SJP for sticking to the theme and being true fashion icons.


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