Wale’s Bad


I am a big Wale fan. Something about his music speaks to me and I am so excited by his new album which is coming out this summer but my winter. I truly love his new song of his previous mixtape Forlain. There is something honest about this song plus it is incredibly catchy. I hear it all over the place.

I love the way that Wale is perceptive epecially when he speaks about women. Yu get an impression that he has been hurt before or he knows women like this.

The video is simple and epic. Completely off topic but I love this women’s weave. I really  love the colour. The way this sweet girl is such a player is so cool in particular these lyrics “She hurt feelings, she break hearts
She stay quiet, she play smart/She take pride in going out/Getting hollered at, and saying nah.” When I listen to songs like “Bad” I feel like I know girls like. Goodness, I have met girls like this. That is what makes the songs so brilliant.


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