Lost in Translation: Rihanna’s American Oxygen


As a Rihanna fan, I am ashamed to say that I have never written a blog post about her music. I must admit I do not think Rihanna music was worth writing about until now.

The last time we had heard about Rihanna musically was when she dropped her I miss Chris Brown album Unapologetic and I loved it. I have always felt that the two albums about Chris Brown Rated R and Unapologetic were her best albums. I think these albums had substance which is sometimes missing from her work.

I was pleasantly surprised with the singles that she has released from the long awaited R8. They are all very different and you can definitely see that she is going in a new direction with her music which I appreciate. I think as fans we should be open to the artists we support doing something different. In all honesty, an album is a piece of the artist’s life at that point of time. Anyway, Four Five Seconds is a good song and I love the vocals from both Kanye and her. B*tch Have My Money is hilarious. It is similar to “Pour It Up”. It really is a club banger and ratchet as hell. The beat is fantastic and you can definitely hear that Kanye West co-produced this song. The most interesting single so far is American Oxygen

I do think if it was not initially released on Tidal that it could be a bit more successful. The first time I heard American Oxygen, I truly wondered how this song relates to Rihanna because she is not American. I also felt the same way when I saw the music video. After watching it more and more, I realised that American Oxygen is a story of a immigrant which Rihanna technically is. This epiphany made me love the song even more. Furthermore, I think the song is also about this supposed “American Dream”. Truth be told the “American Dream” is not a reality for everyone in America and this seen in the video with the images of immigrants, protests in Ferguson and the assassination of Martin Luther King Jnr. This is emphasised with the lyrics “you can be whoever in America” and the reality is not everyone in the American society has the choice to be anyone.

I applaud her confidence to tell this story but I think what is truly missing in American Oxygen is Rihanna’s voice. What is her story when it comes to this American Oxygen and this American Dream. Additionally, what is this “new america” and who are we in “the new america” that she repeats at the end of the song.I think why her voice was lost in this song is maybe because she was trying to be political correct and I do not think it is the time to be that. If you want to make political and conscious songs do not half – ass it.

American Oxygen is a good idea and is interesting insight of America but I think it would be great if we heard Robyn Fenty’s story about her experience in America. I can understand Rihanna wanting to be more than a pop star but she needs to give more depth. This really was a missed opportunity but I love Rihanna for the effort. I am still very excited about R8 and I do think I will see Robyn Fenty and all her complexities.

China through the Looking Glass: 2015 Met Gala Review

China through the Looking Glass was an awesome theme that gave people a lot of room to do something inventive and fun. In typical Met Gala fashion not many celebrities and fashion designers even bothered to dress to theme and I think this was a missed opportunity.

I applaud Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Kardashian West (to a point), Justin Bieber, Zendaya Coleman, Anna Hathaway and Michael B Jordan for pitching up. What is the point of having a theme if no one is going to dress to the theme.

Rihanna was the best dressed because she thought about her look, wore a Chinese designer and looked great. I know the dress got a lot attention and memes which were pretty funny but you have respect her confidence, fearlessness and innovation for dressing that way. I thought she looked fantastic and I am very biased. It is no secret that I LOVE  Rihanna.

images (2)

Kim Kardashian West is an anomaly to me she  is so hard to read. One minute I thoroughly dislike her then next minute I totally love and respect her. I do think she is a good wife and mother but something is off about her. However, one thing I know about Kim that in my opinion she cannot not dress especially since she started dating Kanye. I feel like her fashion sense lacks a great deal of personality and she is not as edgy as she tries to be. I can admit there are times when she has looked fantastic. This Monday Kim looked flawless. The Roberto Cavalli dress, the make up and hair were amazing. This is the best she has ever looked. Kim looked elegant, demure and effortless which is rare. The Kardashians that do effortless well is Kourtney and Kendall the others try too hard.


I had heard that Beyonce was coming and I was surprised when she had not done the red carpet. Little did I know that she came late and gave us a performance of note. I think she looked fantastic it was fun, flirty and confident. I know some felt that she looked trashy and reeked of desperation ( I do agree there).  Her hair looked fantastic. I want to do that one day. I absolutely loved it. The hair and shoes were the best part of the outfit.

images (1)

Dakota Johnson looked AMAZING. I loved her Chanel dress and it really had nothing to do with theme but I would wear it. It was just sexy and fun. I love her confidence. Kendall Jenner looked great. I liked her dress and hair. Anne Hathaway looked fabulous and I liked how different it was. I am on the fence about Selena Gomez Vera Wang but I really do like her. Kate Hudson looked fantastic in that gold dress but I was more interested inK her date, Michael Kors. Zendaya Coleman looked amazing as usual and stuck to the theme.

1430787134456 metgala2015-514-jumbo images (3) images (4) images

The guys were all in tuxedos but Justin Bieber in Balmain and Michael B Jordan in Dolce & Gabbana  looked elegant, fun and suave. I appreciated that Justin stuck to the theme with his Balmain tuxedo. I salute Olivier Rousteing for such an amazing and innovative design.

justin-bieber-met-gala-2015-05 Michael-B-Jordan-Dolce-Gabbana-Met-Gala-2015-Picture

My worst dressed was Kris Jenner, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. Kris Jenner was just overdressed and those earring really needed to go.I don’t know what is going with Katy Perry this year because her fashion sense has been a lot to be desired.

metgala2015-424-jumbo Miley-Cyrus-2015-Met-Gala-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Alexander-Wang-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO-4 Katy-Perry-2015-Met-Gala-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Moschino-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO-4

This year Met Gala a lot people were safe in their choices but Rihanna and Beyonce really gave us something to think about. I appreciate the risks they took. I love Rihanna and SJP for sticking to the theme and being true fashion icons.

Wale’s Bad


I am a big Wale fan. Something about his music speaks to me and I am so excited by his new album which is coming out this summer but my winter. I truly love his new song of his previous mixtape Forlain. There is something honest about this song plus it is incredibly catchy. I hear it all over the place.

I love the way that Wale is perceptive epecially when he speaks about women. Yu get an impression that he has been hurt before or he knows women like this.

The video is simple and epic. Completely off topic but I love this women’s weave. I really  love the colour. The way this sweet girl is such a player is so cool in particular these lyrics “She hurt feelings, she break hearts
She stay quiet, she play smart/She take pride in going out/Getting hollered at, and saying nah.” When I listen to songs like “Bad” I feel like I know girls like. Goodness, I have met girls like this. That is what makes the songs so brilliant.

23 on 23

ImageIt is no secret to my friends and family that 23 is my number. It is a lucky charm for and symbolises so much about my life and me. So I am hectically excited to be turning 23 on the 23rd of May. I just feel so happy and can’t wait to start my 23rd year on this earth. 

The reason I am literally rejoicing about this is because 23 is my luck number. It represents birth which is obviously my birthday and rebirth which is for the day I had heart surgery which is 23 November 2010. I feel spiritually linked to the number 23 and yes I am being dramatic.

So on 23 May I will be officially 23.I am so happy to have lived this long and had these experiences and can’t wait for the new ones to come. This number is a huge symbol of my life journey. 

Well these are my deep 2 cents

Have a lovely week.

Hugs & Kisses

Phumu23 (@rebelleface23)

Who dat chick: Cara Delevingne

Who dat CHickI have clearly been stuck under a rock because I only just come under the spell of the it-girl model Cara Delevingne. My friend Pam, had told me about her because clearly she is more up to date than me. I think I only truly noticed her as Rihanna’s model friend. However, ever since the Met Gala last week I have become obsessed with this model’s style. Let me be honest I am just obsessed with her.

I don’t think you can truly call her fashion sense grunge but it is very eclectic and specific.  It is like grunge with an urban hipster edge. I love the fact that she barely wears dresses unless its on the red carpet or if she is modelling them in fashion shows. I love that she wears everything with caps and beanies.  I guess we now, know where Rihanna got her inspiration. I love the way she mixes and matches with leggings and jeans. Nothing is ever the same with Cara’s street style and that is what makes her so cool. There is an edge yet a sense of humour about this girl.

images (9) tumblr_m22g6tP1gg1qdi1qno1_500 Cara Delevingne i-D Winter 2012-011 Cara+Delevingne+PFW+Chanel+Arrivals+SLReAx8or9lx Cara-Delevigne-New-York-Fashion-Week-Spring-2013-Street-Style-Intro images (6)

Her red carpet looks are sexy, bold and sultry. She looked absolutely amazing at the Met Gala and out did herself at the Great Gatsby Cannes premiere earlier this week.


2013 Cannes

Her personality is her best asset ,I must admit. She is very strange but a funny strange and I love people like that. Awkward people are so endearing. See for yourself in this video with the lovely Jordan Dunn.

Cara gust stars on Jourdan’s cooking show:

Well this is my take and  the beginning of a love affair with this chick. As I said, I am obsessed with this chick. She is just too cool!!!

Lots of ❤




I am not the biggest fan of country music but I must say the ABC show Nashville has sort of converted me. I recently, downloaded the soundtrack and I just can’t seem to get over the song “Undermine”. There is something so raw and truthful about it. I love the radio and acoustic versions. This song for me just puts a lot of things into perspective. Here are the lyrics:

Sometimes good intentions
Don’t come across so well..

Get me analyzing everything that
aint’ worth thinking ’bout
Just cause I ain’t lived through,
The same hand that was dealt to you
Doesn’t make me any less
Or make any more of you.

I wouldn’t trade my best day.
So you could validate
All your fears.

And if I’ve only got one shot
Won’t waste it on a shadow box
I’ll stand right here

It’s all talk, talk, talk
Talkin’ in the wind
It only slows you down
If you start listenin’
And it’s a whole lot harder to shine, Than undermine
Yeah, undermine

First mile is always harder
When you’re leaving what you know
Won’t blame you if you stay here
Waving to me as I go
Always wished the best for you
Thought that you would see me through my wildest dreams
Yeah, the ones you thought I’d never make

Still, you would trade your best day
Just to have your way
All these years
And if you only had one shot
Maybe all this talk
Would disappear

Repeat Chorus

It’s a whole lot harder to shine
Yeah, it’s a whole lite harder to shine, Than undermine
Yeah, undermine

Sometimes good intentions
Don’t come across so well…

well these are my deep 2 cents